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China Study Tour Oct. 2010 at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University a Success

The China Fall 2010 study trip was a unique experience for seven graduates and students of the Acupressure Therapy Institute and one ABT practitioner from Washington state. Our host was the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU) in Hangzhou, China. Tuina was observed and practiced in clinics at two different local hospitals. Our students were also able to observe a baby Tuina clinic. Lectures in theory and a one day International Symposium of Tuina was part of the study experience. Local tours to Shanghai and Suzhou (the Venice of China) were included. Upon their return the students and grads gave a slideshow and discussion of their experience that was received with interest by many friends, family and students. We have established very good relations with the International Education College of ZCMU and hope to plan another study tour for 2012. Should you be interested please inquire for details.


Continuing Education Workshops

Please check back for listings of upcoming workshops.

Auriculotherapy I, II & III

Dates & location to be announced

Auriculotherapy is a therapeutic system of treating the auricle of the external ear to alleviate pain or conditions of imbalance in the body. Auriculotherapy is effective in treating the whole body as the ear is a microsystem with reflex areas and points for all parts of the body and its organs. This workshop teaches you the ear reflex map and how to apply pressballs for treatment. It is a gentle non-invasive technique. Research has shown that ear points enhance any body treatment. By the end of this workshop you will have a working knowledge and ability to use Auriculotherapy effectively.

Auriculotherapy I:

  • The location of Reflex points in the ear
  • The basic Master Points
  • How to treat musculoskeletal conditions.
  • How to select points for treatment.

Auriculotherapy II:

  • Review of basic point locations and techniques.
  • Additional Master Points
  • Refining techniques.
  • Treating organ imbalances, headaches, overweight, addictions, and similar issues.
  • How to select points for treatment with suggested formulas.

Auriculotherapy III

  • Advanced auriculotherapy
  • New specific points
  • New treatment strategies

This is an excellent adjunct therapy that any bodyworker can easily learn and use immediately with clinical results. A fun class with an emphasis on hands-on practice to learn the techniques, point locations and to experience the benefits of this therapy during the workshop. Don't miss this opportunity!

Instructor: Barbara Blanchard & Mei Huei Tu.
Barbara Blanchard, Lic. Ac., Dipl. Ac.& Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), ABT & CI (AOBTA), is the founding director of the Acupressure Therapy Institute and the primary instructor for the Acupressure Certification Program. Mei Huei Tu, Lic. Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM) is a licensed acupuncturist and Craniosacral therapist. She has been practicing since 1993 and has a special sensitivity for energetic therapies.

How to Register

Call 617.697.1477 to register for upcoming workshops.

Preregistration is required. Refunds will be given two weeks before the workshop with notification of withdrawal.

Checks or money orders may be mailed to:

Acupressure Therapy Institute
44 Pearl Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

CE's and PDA's

The Acupressure Therapy Institute is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider under Category A. Professional Development Activities (PDAs) for the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) recertification are also available.